Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another month has flown by

Sweetie pie
Well another month has flown by and despite my lack of posting-we are still here! Kate is so much fun these days! She had her 4 month appointment Monday and weighed 12 lbs 9.7 oz and had grown an inch and a half to be 24 inches long. She is smiling all the time and has found her feet recently and is enthralled by those. She also likes her hands, watching Cash and watching people talk.

Kate on her 4 month birthday
One of my good friends is having a baby in January and her shower was this weekend. The hostesses had so much fun planning and decorating for Andrea's shower. We've been planning this shower for many years! God has blessed Andrea and Chad with a little girl they are naming Alayna. I know her and Kate will be the best of friends.

Hostesses-Jen, Brooke, Denay, me, Andrea, Betsy, Malinda, Tracy & Katie

As you can see in the pictures Kate was a lady bug, a.k.a.-"love bug." We were away from home on Halloween but still managed to have a great time. I ran the Tulsa Run (one of the best races in the state) and Kyle and Kate came to a few stops to cheer me on. She also got to see her auntie K and uncle Evan run. It was so much fun to run in a race again. My friend Jennifer who moved to Houston ran with me so we had a great time catching up while running. We ran the 9.3 miles in 1:13:48.

Our little love bug
Kelsey and I pre-race
Kyle and I also went to the OSU vs. Texas game. Although we thought it would be a better game than it was we still had fun. We both got to see some good friends and have a night just the two of us. Thanks Memaw and Becky for watching Kate.

love him
I have been attending a MOPS group and last week they had a professional photographer take pictures of the kiddos. I haven't seen Kate's yet but I did take a few at our house before we left. This is one of my favorite outfits! Her memaw bought it for her before she was born because she knew her mama would like it. What's not to love-pink, black and polka dots, some of my favorite things!

We've been staying busy with showers and birthday parties lately. Kate and I attended my aunt Beverly's wedding shower also. Beverly is marrying Kelly Friedl on December 5.

Last but not least here are a few random pics I took of Kate on our front porch. I was hoping to take her to the pumpkin patch (even though she's probably a little young) but we never made it. So here are some Fall pictures!

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