Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So I am not as good at keeping up with this blog as I thought I would be...but I am still here.
Kate is doing well. She is 5 weeks old now! We have been staying busy seeing family and friends. I have been thankful to my friend Megan who comes by once a week to see Kate and I at lunch. It's always so much fun to have her and talk to a great mommy who always has good advice.
Kelsey, Kate's "Auntie K," came up last week for a few days and helped so much with Kate. Kate got really spoiled by her aunt. I loved having Kelsey! We had fun shopping and hanging out with Kate. We also did lots of walking in the neighborhood. Can I say hills, hills and more hills?

Last weekend Kyle's brother had his bachelor party so I went to my parents. It was fun to have more help with Kate and to see my parents with Kate. She got to meet many Seminole friends also!

This week we travelled to Tulsa to visit Lindsay, one of my sorority sisters. We had fun going to lunch and catching up.

Today Kate got her first taste of Pi Phi:) I took her to a Pi Phi Alum Club meeting. It was fun to show her off-maybe someday she'll be a Pi Phi!
As you can see we have been staying busy which I like. Next week Kate's aunt Crystal and Nanna and cousin Mason are coming up which will be fun. Then it's off to Uncle Clay's wedding. He's marrying a great girl, Rachel, who Kyle and I helped set him up with. It will be a lot of fun and Kate will get to meet some of her great grandparents and great aunts and uncles.

Here are a few pics from the past couple weeks:

Kate and her friend Bennett (future boyfriend?)

Kate's first bottle
3 weeks!
Kate was tired after her first church service

Auntie K and Kate

4 generations on both my mom and dad's side

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The first few weeks...

Kate is now almost 3 weeks old. It has gone by really fast. It feels like yesterday we were in the hopsital. It's amazing how fast the days go by with a newborn. The first two weeks were pretty hard just because she had jaundice and she wasn't gaining weight so we had to supplement feed with a syringe of breastmilk in addition to regular breastfeeding. This past Friday she was weighed and weighed 7 lbs 3.6 oz so she is getting bigger and close to her birthweight! Hopefully by Monday's dr's app't she will be at her birthweight.

Kate is precious and Kyle and I are loving being parents. We love holding her, kissing her, taking naps together and nighttime drives around Bartlesville with Kate.

Both of our parents have come up in the past few weeks which was a huge help. My mom stayed with us during the week for the past two weeks which was wonderful. Kyle went back to work all day this week so it helped having an extra pair of hands around. She helped so much with Kate whether it be helping me feed, changing dirty diapers or staying up with Kate in the middle of the night so we could get some sleep. Thanks MeMaw! Grandpa Newberry got to come up this past Thursday and Friday. He loved holding and talking to Kate. Kyle's parents made us some great meals when they were here and also helped with cleaning the house. We owe a big thanks to our parents for all their help.

We have also had so many friends bring us meals, gift cards to restaurants, etc. Thank you so much!

I feel a lot more confident on my own as the start of this week soon approaches. We have some outings planned each day which will be fun, even if it is just going to the doctor, optometrist, etc.
Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks. Enjoy!
1 week old

Snoozin'-what I do best
Daddy and Kate in her "princess" gown

I'm 2 weeks old and wearing the cute outfit Auntie K bought me

I love my bouncer! Thanks so much Aunt Crystal for letting us borrow it

One of my best friends from h.s. came up to visit Kate. Her little boy, Ridge, is exactly two months older than Kate. Ridge had to come up and visit his future girlfriend:) Alisha and I had so much fun visiting. Can't wait to see her again!

My friend Megan is a great photographer. She came by to visit Kate the other day and snapped a few photos.

We didn't make it to the fireworks show this year but Kate did get dressed up in her new outfit for the event. We did get to go eat with friends John and Ashley. It was Kate's first restaurant outing and she did great! Slept the whole time

Auntie K came to visit