Monday, August 17, 2009


Last weekend Kyle's brother got married to Rachel Kircher. It was a beatiful wedding and I am excited to have another great sister-in-law. Kate didn't attend the wedding but got all dressed up for the reception.
Congrats Clay and Rachel! We love you guys and are excited for you. Marriage is a lot of fun!

Kate and her Papaw
Daddy and Kate

Rachel and the groomsmen-this is the only pic I got of Rachel! She looked beautiful! I don't think I got any of Clay! woops!

Kyle and I

My darling nephew Mason and I-he had a little suit on w/ converse tennis shoes! How cute!
Our family at the reception. Kate got a new white/gold dress for the wedding and even had a gold bow to match! She had some gold shoes also but they are still too big-bummer!

A Call to Pray

The past 3 weeks one of my best friends from High School has gone through something no one should have to go through. She has stood over her little boy as he battles a rare blood disease. Her little boy, Ridge, who was born in April is in children's hospital in OKC because of a rare blood disease drs discovered he has after many tests and lots of research. Only about 30-35 people in the world have this disease. It is not curable but manageable. They discovered it because Ridge had been spitting up blood and having blood in his diapers. The disease is called MLT (the true name is so long I'm not even going to begin to spell it) and the thing about the disease is that its victims have lesions in their stomach, thus causing the blood in spit up and stools. Ridge has had over 13 blood transfusions and has a rare type of blood, O-. There is talk this week about the possibility of removing some of his stomach so that the number of lesions is reduced to help stop the bleeding.

I say all this to urge everyone to pray for Ridge and his parents, Brandon and Alisha. They are an amazing family of faith and truly believe God can heal Ridge. Pray that God does a miracle as we know he is capable of.
Alisha was interviewed on an OKC news station-you can view it at

Also, she updates her blog very regularly. Click on the link on the left that says "Alisha."

Me, Alisha, Hayley and Kari-Sr. Prom

Last week all our h.s. friends went to visit Alisha at the hospital

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kate is 6 weeks old and not happy!

Every Tuesday I have been taking Kate's picture to celebrate her "birthday." This week I couldn't get a picture of Kate calm and collected so I had to take a pic of her screaming.

Here is Kate not wanting me to take her picture:

Family of 3

We have taken tons of pics of Kate in the last 6 weeks but rarely have we got a pic of our new family of 3.

This was us before Kyle and I went to see Wicked with my parents and Evan and Kelsey.
Thanks to my grandparents for babysitting and all the other family that came over to see Kate while we got to enjoy a great play!

P.S. I have the most wonderful husband-he surprised me with season tickets to the productions in Tulsa at the Performing Arts Center. We will get to see Mamma Mia, Wizard of Oz, Little House on the Prairie, one about the Beatles and all their music, Legally Blonde and a Cirque production!! I am so excited to go to all the shows and get to enjoy time with my hubby! Thanks babe!

Mason and Crystal come to visit

My sister-in-law Crystal and her little boy who is almost 16 months old came for a few days this week. It was fun to visit and hang out and see Mason in action! He is so cute and such a sweet little boy. He did well with Kate. The last day they were here he started to say "baby, baby" every time he'd get close to her.

Isn't he cute?

Going away...

Last Friday I went with my bible study girls to eat. We were getting together because our friend Jennifer is moving to Houston. I am going to really miss her! I have known Jen for the past 6 or 7 years. We have trained and ran a few marathons and 1/2 marathons together. Throughout many miles of running we have developed a great friendship. We will miss her but hopefully she will be back in Bartlesville someday!

Kate got all dressed up to go eat Mexican with the girls. She even wore her socks that look like Mary Jane's! I thought she looked pretty cute...

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath...

I thought I'd post a few cute pics of Kate today after I gave her a bath. Normally I don't bathe her every day, more like every other day. However, although she had a bath yesterday today called for another one. She had a blowout-it got on her back and the 2nd onesie she had worn today. Needless to say I put her in the bath!
She is starting to enjoy her baths much more. Kate is now pretty relaxed and happy in the tub and afterwards as you can see below.

Enjoy the pics!

Naked as a jaybird