Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Showers

Thanks to all of our friends who either helped or came to our baby showers for Kate. I had a shower in Bartlesville and one in OKC.

I had a shower in Oklahoma City with some high school friends and college friends. It was so fun to see everyone and see all the little babies. Maybe someday some of those little girls will be Pi Phis together! Thanks everyone for coming and "showering" Kate with so many nice things. All my friends are so creative-I got lots of cute monogrammed burp rags, onesies, a K bow holder (she already has so many!) and lots of other cute clothes and useful things.

Kelsey and I

some college friends-Lyndsey, Jan Ette and Caroline, me, Reese and Lindsay, Harper and Sara

Some high school friends-Alisha and Ridge, Rachael and Ellie and Angie

cute little Reese, Lindsay's little girl

I also had a baby shower in Bartlesville where Kate got a ton of cute stuff. It was fun to see all of my friends and family. The hostesses did a great job also. Everything looked so good! My parents and Kelsey and her husband came down and so did Kyle's parents, sister, our sister-in-law to be and our cute little nephew Mason.
Running buddies-Kari, Jen, me and Andrea
Someday we will run another marathon together!

Hostesses-Hayley, Megan, Johanna, Jen, Ashley and Andrea

Rachel (sister-in-law to be) , Cheryl (mother-in-law), Crystal (sister-in-law)

my sister and mom

Me and Jamie

The adorable polka dot cakes!

Doesn't Kyle look good with a baby? He's so good with Mason, I know he will be a great daddy to Kate! We had so much fun when Mason came. He is such a fun little boy and so cute! I'm sure him and Kate will have lots of fun.

Kate's nursery

This past week my mom came up and helped me decorate the nursery. I am really happy with how it turned out. We have everything ready we believe, so all we need now is Kate! As you can tell her nursery has a lot of black and pink, which is a big reflection on her momma's taste!

3D Pictures of Kate

I'm new to this blogging thing but here goes! We have about 6 weeks left until Kate is due. Her due date is July 2-my birthday! When I was about 28 weeks pregnant we had a 3d ultrsound. It was so neat to see our baby girl. Enjoy the pics!