Friday, September 11, 2009

My little OSU fan and Kate's first shopping trip

I love this little girl!

Over Labor Day weekend Kate and I went to Seminole to visit my parents. Kyle was out of town playing in the National Nazarene Softball Tournament. It is his 10th year or so to go. His team finished 4th out of 70+ teams. Way to go honey!

Kate and I hung out and played with her Memaw and Grandpa and Auntie K and Uncle Evan. We also watched the OSU Cowboys beat Georgia! Go Pokes! Kate's grandparents got her her first OSU shirt to wear to watch the game. Her dad received the pic on his phone and said, "I like everything but her shirt." That shouldn't surpise anyone who knows my husband as he is a big OU fan!

We also went shopping at the Allen Outlet Mall in Texas. Kate really raked in the new clothes! Her memaw bought her lots of new things and some pretty church dresses. Mom got a lot of new clothes to start back to work in next week.

I'm not looking forward right now to going back to work but I know once I get back in the hang of things I will enjoy it. It's only 2 1/2 days a week and I've got two awesome ladies watching Kate. She'll be surrounded by some older girls each day which I'm sure she'll love as she gets older.

Enjoy the pics!

love the smirk

Ready to go shopping, well at least Kel and I were

All dressed up in our orange!

Starting her out early:)

Kate all dressed up for church

Couldn't forget to post a pic of the semi-neglected member of our family