Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kate's Birth Story

This may be long but here is the labor story. Tuesday morning I woke up with some back pain and some abdominal pressure. I took a warm bath and most of it went away but I still called the dr. to see about it. The doctor said to go ahead and come in to his office. We got there about 10:30 and I was at a 5 1/2! He said to go to the hospital asap. We ran home and got our bags and checked in vto the hospital. We got there about noon and I was at a 6. About 1 o'clock Dr. Collins came in and broke my water. He wanted me to have some contractions before I got the epidural. I definitely started feeling them! I got my epidural when I was an 8 at about 3:30. Dr. Pearman, the anetheseologist (spelling?) was wonderful and made me feel so much better! We were able to relax until about 4:30 when we started pushing with the nurse. I was at a 9 1/2 by this time. The pushing continued with her for about an hour and then she said we could take a break. After about 30 minutes Dr. Collins came in and I pushed for about 20 more minutes and at 6:39p.m. our lives were changed when Miss Kate Olivia Hubbard came into our lives. We already are so in love with our precious daughter.

Thanks to all our friends and wonderful family who came and visited, brought us food, took care of our dog, etc. We are so blessed!Here are a few pictures we've taken the last few days.

Our new family of 3 Mom's favorite-of course it's black and white
Help me I'm naked! The proud parents
Proud daddy Our beautiful little girl!
Auntie "K" and I

Grandad Newberry Gma Newberry

Grandma and Grandad Newberry

Grandma Hubbard Great gma Clara

Dr. Collins

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Kyle and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on June 3. He was so sweet to me all day, starting with a really nice card when I woke up. Then I was surprised by a beautiful arrangement of Gerber daisies delivered to work. He also planned a date that night where we went to eat at one of our favorite places here in town, Frank n' Lola's, and then he got tickets to "Annie." It was a really fun night with my hubby.
I can't believe it's been 3 years already. We have had so much fun being married and getting to enjoy life together. We've done lots of fun things over the past 3 years. Our favorite things have been all the trips we've been on. We've really taken advantage of getting to travel before kids. We went to Jamaica, Mexico, St. Thomas, Florida, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, L.A. and enjoyed every one! I feel very blessed to have Kyle as my husband. He is a very sweet and kind husband. I couldn't have asked for a better match. I love you honey!

before we left for dinner and "Annie"
my pretty flowers!

almost wedding time!

San Francisco 1/08

Las Vegas 8/08

St. Thomas 7/08

Fall 05

Go Pokes!